The Game Changer

Ever since the early 70s, video games have been an essential part of every boy dominated home. Young men and little boys alike became huge fans and still are.

Nintendo of America

Nintendo of America (NoA) is a subsidiary founded in North America in 1980. The founder Hiroshi Yamauchi chose his own son-in-law as president.

Nintendo of Europe

The European subsidiary was created in June 1990. The headquarters were established in Gro├čostheim - Germany.

Nintendo Australia

This subsidiary is based in Melbourne, Victoria. This company looks after the sales, distributions, publishing and marketing of Nintendo products

Nintendo of Korea

The South Korean Nintendo counterpart was established in 2006 in the summer. The headquarters are based in Seoul.

Everyone has heard of Nintendo. Heard about it, or had own it. Spent a good time of the childhood playing popular video games at home. Nintendo introduced video games for home which did not look like smaller and cheaper versions of arcade game machines. And a small department specialized on online casino information. 

Everyone has heard of Nintendo.


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