Everyone has heard of Nintendo. Heard about it, or had own it. Spent a good time of the childhood playing popular video games at home. Nintendo introduced video games for home which did not look like smaller and cheaper versions of arcade game machines.

Nintendo Co. Ltd. is a Japanese company with headquarters in Kyoto. It is a multinational video game and consumer electronics company. The bets selling and most popular video games were created by Nintendo. It holds the largest market capitalization amongst other video game creators. Famous franchises like The Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, Mario and Animal Crossing are owned by this company.

Back in 1889, Yamauchi Fusajiro founded Nintendo. He started with making hanafuda playing cards. These were handmade and very popular in Japan. By the time it was 1963, he had failed at multiple ventures which included many small businesses targeting different niches. Nintendo also made toys but soon abandoned the venture in order to develop video games in 1970s. In less than a decade, Nintendo made its name across the globe. Major divisions of the business like Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo of America were established. 

Taking over the world by a storm, Nintendo became the dominant force of the video game industry. It became a crowned jewel for Japan with a market value of over USD 37 million in 2018.