Ever since the early 70s, video games have been an essential part of every boy dominated home. Young men and little boys alike became huge fans and still are. The technology has evolved since then, it has become better and bigger. But where did we start from and who made it big? Here at nintendo-se.com, let’s take a look Nintendo and how it grew so big.

The first ever arcade video game release the first commercial by Nutty Associates of Computer Space. This happened in 1971 and then in 1972, Pong was introduced to the arcades by Atari. The man behind Computer Space Nolan Bushnell founded Atari after leaving Nutting Associates. Then came the very successful Pong game which was commercialized arcade video game.

When Pong was released in the market, it became a huge hit! Due to its addictive nature and newness of the entire experience, people went head over heels for Pong. The player had to move the cursor in order to save the ball which bounced off to break bricks. The speed of the moving brick became faster as the game progressed.

Within that very year, Magnavox introduced the first home video game system. It was free from a microprocessor and was called the Odyssey! It came with its limitations for use at home. The core was designed on a board that held around 50 diodes and transistors. The result were very simple graphics and it also needed a television screen to tape over custom plastic overlays.

Atari then decided to take Pong’s success to homes. In 1975, they introduced Pong to be played at home. Sears was the company behind this success and this home version had a Sears’s logo on the game. Pong officially marked the introduction of home video games for future successes.